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Webroot product registration site allows users to download the SecureAnywhere software. Webroot SecureAnywhere is an antivirus that provides full device security in one security suite. There’s always a new cybersecurity threat in the day to day life, hence, Webroot always offers advanced security that includes identity safety, internet security, VPN, and device security. Purchase the subscription and register at webpage. The Webroot can help you to choose the best product choice for your requirements, you only need to visit the official site. Before you go through the webpage, you can also try out the trial version where Webroot gives a money-back guarantee for the trial version. Steps are simple, so reach out to the official site and get started with Webroot SecureAnywhere®.

Locate the Webroot Product key –
Webroot product key is 20 digits alphanumeric characters code which you can enter during the activation process. Also, if you go through the page, then also you will need to enter the product key for further activities. There are mainly two ways to locate the Webroot from Retail card and email. One can also purchase an installation CD. Check below instructions to locate the Webroot product key from your purchase;

Locate from Email –
Online purchase provides the key through registered email. You can purchase the key from online stores, either Webroot official store or unofficial stores. For the paid keys, standard email is sent, then follow the below steps;
Open your email through the app or browser.
Look for the received Webroot mail and open it.
Then, follow instructions showing on WSAV receipt email and copy to clipboard.
Go to and enter the key to download the setup.

Locate from Retail Card –
The product key can be purchased offline. For it, you can go to a nearby retail store and purchase one. Then, you can follow the below instructions to locate the product code; Open the Retail card’s packaging. Look on its flipside or instruction side. Here, scratch the hidden code seems as XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Then, type the code while it needs.

Optional: Installation CD –
For the places where the internet connection is too slow, the installation CD is the best option there. You can purchase a Webroot CD and find its key from the yellow box of the card. In this case, you won’t be able to update the software after installation. – Why this URL?
You can download Webroot using any method where reaching out is a commonly used method among users. Once you purchase the product subscription, you can easily visit and register the product directly. This webpage only needs the email address that you registered previously and the product key. Then, you can submit the details and directly download the setup. There are other links that directly give you options to download Webroot but with page, you will get the subscribed and purchased product only.

Create Webroot, Confirm, and log in to User Account –
 Webroot or any other online antivirus software requires an account for multiple purposes. Registration of the product at page, or activating the product or other activities needs a Webroot account to identify that it’s you. One account can purchase multiple products subscription which allows you to install the application on PC as well as on mobile devices. Hence, follow the below instructions and create a Webroot account;
Step 1 – Open page.
Step 2 – Hit on the Create Account panel.
Step 3 – The registration page will be open. So, fill the details.
Step 4 – Tap on the “Register Now” button and confirm the filled details.

Validate and confirm the account –
Step 1 – Open the email.
Step 2 – Open the link of email confirmation.
Step 3 – Type the security code of account registration.
Step 4 – Click the “Confirm Registration Now” tab.

Sign in to Webroot Account –
Step 1 – You can either go back to the page. Otherwise, follow the next steps;
Step 2 – Go to
Step 3 – Enter your email and password.
Step 4 – Click Sign In and open account. The same email address is used at with a keycode to download the Webroot software.